Terms of Use last update: 9 Jan 2019

1. Definitions

This Term of Service is the relevant rights and obligations stipulated by users and Suremore Games and relevant software and technology service providers (collectively referred to as "Suremore Games" in this Term of Service) regarding the network services provided by Suremore Games and the technical services provided by other related software and technology service providers (collectively referred to as "services"). Fan. Users refer to individuals who are willing to use the services provided by Suremore Games. This contract describes the terms and conditions of Suremore Games' services to users. Therefore, before registering as a service user, please read in detail all the contents of the Terms of Service. When the user clicks the consent key or uses any service, it is deemed that he agrees to and accepts all the specifications of the Terms of Service and is willing to be bound by them. Users should be clear: Whether they actually read carefully before registration or not, as long as the user clicks the "agree" button and successfully registers in accordance with the relevant registration procedures or is already using the services provided by the company, the user's behavior has indicated that the user unconditionally accepts this Agreement and the various management regulations announced by Suremore Games, and is willing to accept the contract. Bundle. In case of disputes, users should not plead not to read carefully.

2. Copyright Statement

Suremore Games provides services related to copyright, patent rights, trademarks, business secrets and any other ownership or rights, are owned by Suremore Games. No one or user shall download, reproduce, transmit, alter or edit without the consent of Suremore Games, otherwise they shall bear all legal liabilities. Suremore Games owns the ownership of any data information generated in the process of providing services to users and stored in the Suremore Games server (including but not limited to data information such as accounts).

3. The basic obligations of users

3.1 Users are required to equip themselves with all kinds of computers and network equipment needed to register and use the network, and to bear all the expenses required to access the network.

3.2 The service provided by Suremore Games to users is a commercial activity. At present, users can register and use it free of charge, but Suremore Games reserves the right to require users to pay the corresponding fees in the future (from the date of Suremore Games Announcement).

3.3 The user agrees to provide his or her real and accurate personal identification information such as legal name, gender and resident identity card number and other complete, detailed and true personal data at the time of registration.

Users confirm that they have reached the age of 18. Once the personal identification data has been registered, the user has no right to unilaterally change it except under special circumstances with the permission of Suremore Games. The right to use the account belongs to the holder of the resident identity card corresponding to the resident identity card number.

Users should fully realize that the ID card information is the main proof of account ownership. If the user changes the ID card information online and takes effect, the ownership of the account belongs to the holder of the modified ID card. If any person can not provide the corresponding resident ID card of the current account to prove that he has legal rights or authorization to the account, leading to Suremore Games can not provide or continue to provide services for him, Suremore Games will not bear any responsibility arising therefrom. The rights and interests of users registered with other people's ID number and fabricating false ID number will not be guaranteed in the game.

Suremore Games has the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of services under this agreement (including charging services) to users at any time without any liability to users or any third party; for users registered with another person's ID card number, Suremore Games has the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of the ID card number at any time at their own request. The account corresponding to the code provides services under this Agreement (including fee-paying services) without any liability to the user or any third party.

For personal data other than personal identification data, if the user changes in the future, it should be updated online in time. If the other personal data provided by the user is inconsistent with the facts or the information provided has been changed without updating or misleading, Suremore Games can not provide or continue to provide services for the user. Therefore, all the responsibilities arising are assumed by the user and have nothing to do with Suremore Games.

3.4 Users are obliged to properly keep and use the account and password acquired during registration service, and are responsible for a series of actions or activities initiated after the account and password are logged into the system.

3.5 In order to safeguard their rights and interests, users should not disclose accounts and passwords or provide third parties to know or lend or transfer them to others for use. If account or password leaks due to user's own fault or fault, users should bear their own responsibility. Suremore Games do not ask users for their passwords on the phone or in email, so users are not allowed to disclose their passwords to anyone. If the user loses his password, Suremore Games reserves the right to claim additional fees for services dealing with the problem.

3.6 If the user finds that the account or password has been illegally used or abnormally used by others, he shall immediately notify Suremore Games and submit all the relevant certificates of the account for himself in order to apply for the suspension of use of the account. Suremore Games shall not be liable for the losses caused by the suspension of use of the account. However, Suremore Games is obliged to assist inquiries when users apply for filing a case according to the law.

3.7 Due to the changing user and market conditions, Suremore Games reserves the right to modify the terms of service at any time. When the terms of service are amended, Suremore Games will announce the fact of modification on relevant pages without giving individual notification to users. If users do not agree with the content, they can stop using all the services provided by Suremore Games. If the user continues to use any service provided by Suremore Games, it will be regarded as the content that the user has revised by Suremore Games.

3.8 After agreeing to the terms of this contract, Suremore Games will grant users the right to receive services provided by Suremore Games with a legal payment account. Users are not allowed to modify websites and software provided, including but not limited to Suremore Games, Reverse Engineering, Decompile, Disassemble, Copy or Distribute.

3.9 Users may not use any third party program to log in or use the services provided by Suremore Games. Users may not use any intellectual property rights of Suremore Games to create or provide the same or similar services, such as simulation servers. Users should not take any hack action on Suremore Games Server, or try to overload Snow Technology Server. Users with legitimate accounts can upload the necessary information for the use of the service on Suremore Games servers. The content of the information should not be as follows:

(a) infringe on the intellectual property rights, copyright or public/private rights of any third party;

(b) infringe on any law or good customs;

(c) contain any defamation, sexual harassment, racial differences. See, or have adverse effects on children;

(d) contains viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs and other content that may harm or affect the stability of Suremore Games systems. Suremore Games has to take any action according to the seriousness of the uploaded content.

The user hereby authorizes Suremore Games to execute any intellectual property rights related to the content uploaded by the user.

4. Protection and Restriction of Personal Data

4.1 Except in the following cases, Suremore Games agrees not to disclose the personal data registered by the user publicly without the user's consent:

(a) On the basis of legal provisions;

(b) Based on the requirements of the judiciary or other competent organs on the basis of statutory procedures;

(c) To protect the property and rights of Suremore Games;

(d) In case of emergency, in order to protect the personal safety of other users or third parties;

(e) User Transfer with Service

4.2 For the personal data registered by the user, the user agrees that Suremore Games and its affiliated enterprises or partners can collect, process, preserve, transmit and use the information within a reasonable range to provide users with other information and services, or to make accounting information, or to conduct investigations or studies of network behavior, or any other legitimate use. To be careful

4.3 Suremore Games cannot guarantee that the user's personal data or communication content will not be given to third parties. For example, if the government needs information, Suremore Games will be forced to hand over, or other third parties will intercept the transmission content of the network. In addition, the user authorized Suremore Games can give the user's information to law enforcement agencies or government related units, in order to facilitate the investigation or problem solving. In addition, when the user requests any technical assistance from Suremore Games, the user authorizes Suremore Games to remotely inspect and change the content of the user's computer. In order to update the program, the user authorizes Suremore Games (I) to upload files from the user's computer (II) and download files to the user's computer.

4.4 Suremore Games does not recognize the trading results generated by the trading platform provided by Suremore Games. The virtual equipment and game currency acquired by the players from the trading platform provided by Suremore Games will be deemed to be inconsistent with the rules of the game. If any player objects to the above trading behavior or trading results, Suremore Games will base its request on the players. The above objections shall be dealt with. In order to ensure that players can enjoy the game and protect their legitimate interests from infringement, Suremore Games will severely crack down on and punish theft and other related acts (including, but not limited to, the theft of account numbers, game data, player's personal data, assisting theft operators to operate and transfer items). Once verified or required by the competent authorities, Suremore Games has the right to take temporary isolation, permanent isolation, closure of accounts, deletion of files and other measures as soon as possible, depending on the specific circumstances. If the circumstances are serious, Suremore Games reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for the players involved. In the process of verifying the theft of players, in order to quickly investigate and deal with the problem, Suremore Games will invite relevant players to assist in the investigation, including but not limited to isolation investigation, online communication, offline communication and so on.

5. Restrictions on Users'Use of Services

5.1 Suremore Games strictly prohibits users from using the services provided by Suremore Games to do acts unrelated to the use of such services, including, but not limited to, impairing the reputation or privacy of others; or disseminating information or words of defamation, untruthfulness, threat, indecency, indecency, unlawfulness, aggression or infringement on the rights of others in the name of themselves, anonymously or in the name of others or Suremore Games to disseminate color. Emotions or other statements that violate social morality; transmit or disseminate computer viruses; engage in advertising or selling commodities; engage in illegal transactions or posting false or offensive information; or any act that violates the laws or other decrees of the People's Republic of China, shall not take advantage of the opportunity to use such services to engage in illegal negotiations or dialogue with other users or others.

5.2 The inquiries made by users to Suremore Games Service Managers should be clarified according to the facts, otherwise pos1 has the right to terminate users'use of services at any time; Suremore Games has the right to inform judicial or relevant authorities at any time when it finds illegal or suspicious actors, and also has the right to submit basic information and acts of users to such authorities for investigation at the same time. Users are not allowed to request any damage or compensation from Suremore Games for inconvenience or trouble caused by this.

5.3 Users shall be responsible for their actions or activities in the process of using the services provided by Suremore Games. Suremore Games only provides services for users to execute or use together with other users in accordance with the service rules. Suremore Games shall not bear any responsibility for users'actions or activities or transactions in the process of using the services provided by Suremore Games.

5.4 Suremore Games does not support the use of any third-party procedures for login, all the problems and consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the users themselves, Suremore Games shall not bear any responsibility, and reserves the right to terminate the provision of services to users.

The following actions shall be deemed to be user's breach of this contract:

(a) If the user violates any of the provisions of this contract;

(b) If a user logs in or uses a service using any third-party program;

(c) Suremore Games finds that the personal information provided by users is not true;

For users'breach of contract, pos1 will be punished in the game according to the management system of Suremore Games published on the official website, while pos1 reserves the right to pursue other responsibilities of users.

5.6 If the user does not use the service provided by Suremore Games for a specified period of time, Suremore Games shall have the right to take measures to terminate the user's continued use of the service from 24 o'clock after the specified time of the game.

6. Stop and change of services

6.1 In any of the following circumstances, Suremore Games shall have the right to stop or interrupt the services provided to users:

(a) Necessary maintenance and construction of network equipment.

(b) In case of unexpected network equipment failures.

(c) When the network communication equipment used by Suremore Games ceases to provide services for unknown reasons

(d) Suremore Games is unable to provide online services due to force majeure.

(e) Due to the requirements of relevant government agencies.

(f) Deadline of Game Operations Contracts.

6.2 In the circumstances stipulated in this Agreement, Suremore Games shall not be liable for any inconvenience or damage that may arise from the cessation or modification or termination of the services provided to the users, nor shall it be liable to the users themselves or to any third party. To be careful

6.3 Users should understand and agree that the services provided bySuremore Games may be interrupted, temporarily unavailable, delayed or altered due to malfunction, malfunction of hardware and software equipment in the network system of the company itself, other partners or related telecommunications operators, or due to negligence of human operation of the partners and related telecommunications workers. Users may not claim any compensation or compensation from Suremore Games for the discontinuation or interruption of services or the absence of user files.

7. Risk-taking

Users agree to use Suremore Games to provide services out of their personal will and are willing to take any risks, including, but not limited to, the use of Suremore Games Services or their own download of games or data pictures from the official website of Suremore Games which may cause damage to the software and hardware used by users or the loss of any information.

8. Exemption from liability

8.1 Suremore Games shall not be liable for any express or implied guarantee of its services, and the stability, safety, accuracy and uninterrupted nature of its services may also be affected by the circumstances described in Article 6. Users should bear all risks and possible damages arising from the use of executive services by themselves, including, and not limited to, the damage caused by the execution of online games or the downloading of games or data pictures by the official website of Suremore Gamescaused by users or their computer systems not caused by subjective reasons of Suremore Games, or the loss of any information.

8.2 Suremore Games does not guarantee the absence of any procedural BUG for its services and is not liable for any possible problems arising therefrom.

9. Exclusion and Restriction of Liability for Compensation

Suremore Games is not liable for any direct, indirect, derivative damage or loss of interest caused by users using their services or unable to use the network. If the liability for damages cannot be completely excluded according to law, the liability of Suremore Games is limited to the price paid by the user for the use of the service.

10. Links

All links provided by Suremore Games on all websites of the website of Suremore Games may be linked to websites of other individuals, companies or organizations. The purpose of providing such websites is to facilitate users to search or obtain information on their own. Suremore Games does not guarantee the authenticity of products, services or information provided by websites of linked individuals, companies or organizations. There is no employment, appointment, agency, partnership or other similar relationship between these individuals, companies or organizations and Suremore Games.

11. Termination of Suremore Games

Users shall comply with the provisions of this Terms of Service and relevant legal orders. Suremore Games has the final decision on whether users violate the terms of service. If Suremore Games is found to have violated the terms of service by relevant data analysis, the user agrees that Suremore Games can terminate the user's account and password right at any time. To be careful.

In order to avoid disputes, users agree to use the data recorded in the Suremore Games System as the criterion for judging the technical issues involved in this Agreement. Suremore Games guarantees the authenticity of the data and does not disclose it to anyone including users without the request of relevant government departments, in order to protect the commercial safety of Suremore Games. The test data is the only exclusive result.

12. Compensation for damages

If the user violates the terms of service or relevant decrees, resulting in damage or expenditure (including but not limited to litigation costs, attorneys'fees, actual losses incurred by legal proceedings, administrative procedures, etc.) of Suremore Games, or its affiliated enterprises, employees, trustees, agents or/or other relevant performance aids, the user shall bear damages. Responsibility.

13. Stop or change services

13.1 Suremore Games cancels or stops the qualifications of users or restricts them in accordance with this Agreement. Users shall not claim compensation or compensation.

13.2 Suremore Games has the right to unilaterally decide to add, modify, delete, suspend or terminate all or part of its services (including and not limited to adding, suspending or terminating the operation of a game) only in accordance with its judgment, and it does not need to inform users individually. Users shall not claim any compensation or compensation for this.

14. Advertising Information or Promotion Plan

Suremore Games may advertise commercial advertisements or other promotional activities in the relevant website locations in the process of providing services. These contents are done by advertisers or commodity service providers. Suremore Games is only a medium for publishing content. The service or commodity purchased by the user through the official website of Suremore Games or the website it links to only exists between the user and the supplier of the commodity or service, and has nothing to do with Suremore Games.

15. Amendments to Terms of Service

Due to the continuous changes of users and market conditions, Suremore Games reserves the right to amend the terms of service at any time. When the terms of service are amended, Suremore Games will announce the amended facts on the home page of relevant websites without giving individual notifications to users. If users do not agree with the content, they can stop using Suremore Games services. If users continue to use Suremore Games services, that is to say, users have accepted the revised content of Suremore Games.

16. Effectiveness of individual clauses

The invalidity of one or all of the provisions of this Terms of Service shall not affect the validity of other provisions.

17. Applicable law

The interpretation, validity and dispute resolution of this service clause shall apply to the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there are any disputes or disputes between users and Snow Ink Technologies, they should first be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiations fail, the users hereby fully agree to submit the disputes or disputes to the jurisdiction of the court where Snow Ink Technologies is located.

18. Teenager User Special Tips

Youth users must abide by the National Youth Network Civilization Convention: to be good at online learning, not browsing bad information; to be honest and friendly exchanges, not insulting others; to enhance self-protection awareness, not random dating friends; to maintain network security, not to destroy the network order; to be beneficial to physical and mental health, not indulge in virtual space and time.

19. Cancellation of User Identity

Any registered account has one or more of the following actions leading to the cancellation of the account, and Suremore Games does not assume any responsibility:

There is a violation of the terms of service. To be careful

Abuse of the rights enjoyed. To be careful

Provide false registration information. To be careful

Use Snow Ink Technology Services by Unfair Means. To be careful

Has the behavior which damages other users. To be careful

Violation of Chinese laws and regulations. To be careful

Behavior contrary to social customs and social morality. To be careful

Other violations of this Agreement.

20. Suremore Games will handle any problems for you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about these terms, you can ask the customer service department of Suremore Games. For the benefit of users, please fill in the correct user's email address and ID number carefully so that Suremore Games can better serve you.

The right of final interpretation of this clause is vested in Suremore Games.